The National Nuclear Research Institute is very strategic to the socio-economic development of Ghana. The following are a few of the strategic importance of the Institute to the nation:


  • The NNRI is a major stakeholder in shaping national policy on Energy, especially nuclear energy issues.
  • The NNRI is very central to GAEC’S mandate of advising government on the Nuclear Energy option and its importance in sustainable energy for economic growth.
  • The Institute, through its new centre, Nuclear Reactor Centre, is engaged in identifying a suitable candidate site for Ghana’s Nuclear Power Plant. 

Education and Research 

  • Teaching and Thesis supervision services for students of the Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences as well as to students from other Public universities and Polytechnics in Ghana.
  • The Institute’s laboratories and equipment are made available to Students and lecturers for research. The NNRI also engages in training for technicians and technologists of industries on quality assurance and quality control issues.
  • Research in Pesticides Residue Monitoring (PRM); contamination site assessment and remediation studies.
  • Research on Comprehensive Water Resource Assessment
  • Studies in chemical residue analysis of biota and air monitoring studies.
  • Studies on mapping Radon prone areas in Ghana 

Human Resources

  • The institute continues to train technicians and technologists of industries on quality assurance and quality control issues.
  • The Institute, through the Engineering Services Centre, continues to organize training courses for Engineers and Technicians from various companies in the country.
  • The NNRI holds the key to human resource development for the future operation of a Nuclear Power Plant in Ghana.
  • The institute continues to train its human resources through collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences.
  • The NNRI contributes immensely to the training of undergraduate and postgraduates students in our public universities as well as Polytechnic students


The Institute provides crucial services to industry. Among others, the institute provides the following services to industry:

  • Testing of the integrity (quality) of steel and other metals to confirm their appropriateness for the construction of bridges and other major infrastructure.
  • Ultrasonic testing of welds and LPG storage vessels (both fixed and mobile). This technique uses echoes of ultrasound pulses to delineate objects or areas of different density in the body.
  • Distillation column scanning for Tema Oil Refinery
  • Provision of analytical assistance to National Regulatory bodies such as Ghana Standards Authority, Food and Drugs Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • The Institute provides radiographic testing services to the Tema Oil Refinery, Mining Companies; the West Africa Gas Pipeline and Bui Dam Projects.
  • Effluent analysis for breweries, food and beverage companies.
  • Liquid penetrant testing of thermal plants.
  • Residence time and distribution measurement in gold-leaching tanks.
  • Determination of useful and toxic elements in cocoa and other products.