The Institute, through the National Data Centre, advice and shape policy on earthquake and related issues; partners universities for teaching and research; undertakes geophysical research. The Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Research Centre undertakes research in the following areas: assessment of groundwater and surface water resources in Ghana; provision of supervision and analytical equipment for research to universities and polytechnic students; Pesticides Residue Monitoring (PRM) which include contamination site assessment and remediation studies, marine and freshwater pollution studies, chemical residue analysis in biota and air monitoring studies. The National Radioactive Waste Management Centre (NRWMC) undertakes management of radioactive waste generated mainly by mining companies, R&D Laboratories, nuclear medical centres, breweries, oil refinery and oil logging/drilling companies. The Engineering Services Centre focuses on maintenance, repair and calibration of laboratory equipment. The centre organizes courses on maintenance and repair of scientific instruments for engineers and technicians from companies and institutions in Ghana. The Nuclear Reactors Research Centre is involved with applied research and development in the areas of reactor physics, waste management, reactor safety and safeguards. The centre also undertakes training of graduate students of the School of Nuclear and Allied Science as well as students from other universities and polytechnics in Ghana. The centre continues to provide services in the area of sample analysis using Neutron Activation Analysis.